Parenting and Spiritual Transmission – Part 3

In my last two blogs, I have focused upon the essential role of parents in the spiritual mentoring of their children.  Indeed, more than even the church and school, parents have the greatest influence in the formation of their children’s core faith values. Without such mentoring and role modeling, our children will be without any compass to help guide them through a culture increasingly hostile to our faith.

Unlike my own youth, where the consensus of our larger society generally reinforced and reflected our Judeo/Christian values, contemporary culture is militantly, aggressively tearing away at the fabric of our traditional Christian worldview.

In this context, as I have repeatedly emphasized,  it is essential that we stand together in supporting one another in training our children and youth in our fundamental faith values. Part of this dynamic is encouraging and equipping one another effectively to mentor the next generation.  This is why we emphasize this concept of covenant community among like-minded parents, grandparents, Christian educators, and local churches.


May God help us as parents, the local church, and the school to optimally impact our little ones and youth for Christ!

PS. Check out this link for a three minute video overview of A Practical Guide to Culture.