Application/Enrollment Checklist

For your convenience, a checklist is provided below to ensure the necessary paperwork is submitted to OCA. All applicable criteria must be met in order to complete the enrollment process. Each section builds upon the next, according to the grade for which you are applying. Contact the admissions office if you have any questions,, 706-375-7247.

Required forms to complete enrollment
  • Online Application
  • Online Enrollment
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Georgia Form 3231 – Immunization Form or Georgia Form 2208 – Affidavit of Religious Objection
  • Georgia Form 3300 – Vision, Hearing, Dental Form (K–12th)
  • Enrollment Fee (amount is determined on date enrollment is submitted)
  • Tuition Payment Contract – Parent/Custodian Electronic Signature on Completed Enrollment
  • Additional Requirements

    The requirements below are for new students and specific to the grades shown.

    Kindergarten – 12th

    1. Placement evaluation completed determining grade-level competency
    2. Records received from the previous school (if applicable)
    3. Informal interview with the grade-level principal

    7th – 12th

    1. Referral by a pastor, youth pastor or Sunday school teacher
    2. Student Questionnaire

    9th – 12th

    1. Profession of faith
    2. Referrals by two (2) teachers
    3. Student self-assessment worksheet completed

    Submission of student application does not guarantee acceptance.