GACS Fine Arts Competition

Georgia Association of Christian Schools (GACS) Fine Arts Competition is a state competition created to serve as a vehicle for the development of God-given talents and abilities.


Soon after GACS was organized, the desire for competition in Bible, fine arts, and academics resulted in what is now annual state competition in these areas. The first “Fine Arts Festival” was conducted in 1976.


One of the important tasks of the Christian school is to train leadership. The GACS Fine Arts Festivals help to provide the framework to accomplish that task. Students work, train, and prepare that they might compete in this Festival—not just to win, but to give of their best that the Lord might be honored. It is in this early arena of competition that students begin to really sharpen the talents and skills which they will later use as adults in their service for Christ.

The purposes of competition among the students in GACS member schools in the areas of Bible, fine arts, and academics include the following:

1. To serve as a vehicle for the development of God-given talents and abilities.
2. To provide an opportunity of fellowship in areas of mutual interest for the students in GACS schools.
3. To provide beneficial activities to GACS member schools and thus help to achieve the goal of excellence in Christian education.
4. To aid in the teaching of Christian character in students in GACS schools through the development of discipline, perseverance, appreciation and respect for others, courage, poise, maturity, and other traits which can bring glory to the Lord.
5. To glorify God by serving as one aspect of the training and education to which our Christian schools are committed.

State winners on the senior high level compete in the national competition
conducted each year by the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS).
National competition attracts approximately 3,000 students from the many AACS
state associations. Over the years, GACS has produced a number of national winners.