OCA adheres to a high standard for academic goal-setting. Curriculum, rigorous standards, and best practice strategies combine to create a rigorous learning environment for students.

Jr/Sr High

Our Faculty

OCA faculty members are highly qualified educators who strive to help their students unite a passion for Christ with excellence in academics. Every member of the faculty signs a statement of faith, aligning themselves with the calling from God to educate from a biblical worldview.

Barker, Samantha
Befus, Tim

Jr/Sr High Leadership, Spanish I, II Teacher

Boersen, Cora

4th Grade Teacher

Bridges, Krystal

Sr High Math Teacher

Brown, Belinda

3rd Grade Teacher

Brown, Michelle

Jr/ Sr High ELA Teacher

Clark, Audrey

Jr High Math Teacher

Cook, Myra

Music/Drama Director

Foster, Jennifer

Preschool Teacher

Green, Celina
Kinard, Katie

Kindergarten Teacher

McDaniel, Janice

1st Grade Teacher

McDonough, Madi

6th Grade Teacher

McDonough, Matthew

Jr/Sr High History Teacher

McDonough, Stacy

Preschool Teacher

Michaelian, Kari

Sr High Science Teacher

Mount, Erin

Kindergarten Teacher

Pickard, Stephanie
Pryor, Brittany

Preschool Teacher

Purser, Laura

College Advisor/Band Director

Scarbrough, Jessica

Sr High French I, II Teacher

Shamblin, Emily

4th Grade Teacher

Silva, Lauren

3rd Grade Teacher

Stallings, Taylor

6th Grade Teacher

Tankersley, Drew

Sr High Bible Teacher

Trundle, Brooke

2nd Grade Teacher

Veal, Ellyn

5th Grade Teacher

Whitescarver, Stephanie
Wooten, Mitchell

5th Grade Teacher