OCA uses a web-based school administration system called FACTS SIS to enhance communication among teachers, parents, and students. FACTS SIS is a fully integrated web-based school information system and can be accessed 24/7, from work, home, school or on the road. Parents and students will utilize a component of FACTS SIS which is called ParentsWeb. The ParentsWeb component provides parents and students password-secure access to OCA student information such as:


Report Cards


Staff & School Directory

Customized Web Surveys & Tests

Daily Grades


Missing Assignments

Teacher Email Address

Progress Reports

Lesson Plans


Parent Involvement

Oakwood Parent Organization

The primary goal of the OPO is to provide an opportunity for parents to be involved in their child’s education activities in a meaningful, effective and productive manner.

The mission of the OPO is to provide a partnership between parents and the Academy staff as it seeks to fulfill the school’s mission of “Uniting a Passion for Christ with Excellence in Academics“.


* To promote the cause of Christian education and to promote Oakwood Christian Academy through external and internal marketing.
* To promote communications between parents, teachers, and administration through the Parent Advisory Team (PAT) and OPO meetings.
* To promote prayer support for the Academy.
* To provide support and encouragement for our Academy staff.

Parent Advisory Team

The PAT is a group of volunteer parents who provide insightful input and feedback to administration in an effort to afford ongoing evaluation of the school and its effectiveness. Ongoing evaluation is vital to our school system because we value excellence. The PAT does not affect policies of the school, but does have a significant impact on the actual daily procedural functioning of the school. Thus, this is a valuable outlet for all parents who value growth and improvement.

All parents are encouraged to provide feedback about school procedures and events, ideas for school improvement, and even concerns which may need to be addressed. If you have any questions to submit for the PAT group to discuss at an upcoming meeting, please feel free to contact a PAT members or OCA administration.

While administration always offers the opportunity for OCA parents to complete end-of-year surveys, it is often difficult to include all helpful feedback from the entire year on a single document. Thus, the surveys are not as effective when used alone. The PAT provides another viable option for parents to all work together to improve the school all year long. We encourage you to share your ideas, concerns, and feedback as we all take responsibility for the continued and ongoing growth and improvement of OCA.