Elementary Fine Arts

Starting Early

Students receive the opportunity to participate in music and art beginning in preschool. Not only do students receive classroom instruction, but they are able to transfer their learning through exhibits and activities. Students may participate in music and art competition, through Georgia Association of Christian Schools, as early as third grade. Our preschoolers prepare a preschool art exhibition each Spring as well!


Drama is an incorporated art during the elementary years. Beginning in third grade, students may try-out for the annual Christmas performance. All students, in preschool through sixth grade participate in the Christmas program, through singing, drama, or both.

Talent Show

All the fine arts are on display during the annual OCA Talent Show! Elementary students may enter the talent show as they perform through singing, dancing, speaking, or acting. Even preschoolers entertain their parents with a PK Talent Show each spring!


All students in fourth through twelfth grade may participate in band. All OCA students are required to learn basic music reading in third grade. Students may then choose to continue to participate in band as an extracurricular activity. Band students perform during the annual Christmas program, through exhibitions, and in GACS competitions.