Junior / Senior High Fine Arts

In high school, students have a variety of Fine Arts electives/options to meet their Fine Arts requirement for graduation. These classes include, but are not limited to, music appreciation, art appreciation, drama, chorus, and band.


Students may continue to participate in band throughout their high school years. This opportunity includes exhibitions and competitions. Students move from full band, to individual competition as well. Students may even compete on local, state, and national levels. Those musicians who excel are honored with the opportunity to compete at the national level! The OCA band has placed 1st at the state level and earned the right to compete at nationals in South Carolina more than once!


OCA actors perform in one major drama production per year. This is a competitive class, and offers students the opportunity to sing and act in a full-length musical or drama. Drama continues to be woven throughout fine arts competition in the form of skits, dramatic interpretations, choric speaking, readers’ theater, etc. through GACS competition and other exhibitions associated with OCA. The school is proud to have the opportunity to perform extemporaneous speaking at national competition, with performances yielding at least a second place win!


OCA singers have the privilege to participate in the full school chorus, in large and small ensembles, or even in solos. Again, many opportunities for exhibition and competition exist.
In addition, students have earned the right to compete at national competition in this genre of
art as well.


Finally, students have intermittent options for electives and/or extracurricular opportunities in the area of art. Competition through GACS is also offered to the artists. Art forms include painting, pencil drawings, crafts, and jewelry. OCA is proud to have representation in this area as well at national competition!