Enrollment Fees are Non-Refundable.

Payment of the non-refundable enrollment fees are made through your FACTS Tuition Management account at the end of the enrollment process. Accepted students secure their placement upon submission of the completed enrollment process. Contact the admissions office with any questions, call or text 423-498-9292 or email by using the link below.

Fee and Tuition Information

Enrollment Fees

$225 per student – January 1-31   ~ Returning Students and Siblings

$325 per student – February 1 – March 1-31   ~ All Students

$425 per student – April 1 – and after   ~ All Students


$ 3285 – Preschool – 3 year old only – 3 days a week

$ 5035 – Preschool – 3 and 4 year old – 5 days a week

$ 6520 – Kindergarten – 6th grade

$ 7155 – 7th – 9th grade

$ 7950 – 10th – 12th grade

Payment Information

Tuition payments are due on the 5th or 20th of each month, beginning in July. Payment options (1 payment, 2 payments, 10 months, 11 months, 12 months) are selected during the enrollment process. FACTS Tuition Management will process all payments.

Important Fee Information

*Tuition includes FACTS fees, curriculum, technology fees, student agenda, and yearbook

*Lunch fees: must be paid in advance

       Pk4 – 3rd grade – $3.50 – hot lunch or sack lunch

       4th – 12th grades – $4.00 hot lunch, $3.50 sack lunch

       7th – 12th grade – cold bar items are individually priced.

*Student driver parking fees – $50

*Senior graduation fees – $75

*Athletic fees:

Elementary – $125 per sport, per student-athlete

Middle – $150 per sport, per student-athlete

High – $200 per sport, per student-athlete

Exception: Cross Country and Golf – $50 per student-athlete

Early Withdrawal Policy

A submitted student enrollment is a binding contract.

To withdraw, families must complete a withdrawal form from the Admissions Director.
*Withdrawal prior to February 28 for the coming year: Family will be released from contract.

*Withdrawal March 1 to May 31 for the coming year: Family will be responsible for 20% of tuition.

*Withdrawal - June 1 and prior to the first day of school: Family will be responsible for 35% tuition.

*Withdrawal on or after the first day of school to end of Semester 1: Family will be responsible for 50% of the tuition, plus any incidental charges.

*Withdrawal from the current school year anytime within Semester 2: Family will be responsible for 100% of tuition, plus any incidental charges.

School Hours and After School Care Hours

School Hours

Preschool (3 & 4 year old) – 8:00AM to 12:00PM

Elementary (K-6) – 8:00AM to 3:00PM

JR/SR High (7th-12th) – 8:00AM to 3:20PM

After School Care Hours

Preschool (4 yrs of age) 12:00PM – 3:00PM or 12:00PM – 6:00PM

Elementary (K-6th) 3:00PM – 6:00PM

JR/SR High After Hours (7th-12th) 3:20PM – 6:00PM

This service is not licensed by the State of Georgia.

Space is limited and is intended for parents which work beyond dismissal.

If you have any questions or need this service, please contact vickigarner@oca.oakwoodbc.org, 706-375-7247.

Scholarship Information

Pay It Forward Scholarships is a nonprofit Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) in the State of Georgia.