Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship opportunities at Oakwood Christian Academy are part of a Georgia State program utilizing Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO) to assist parents with tuition for private schools. Pay It Forward is the Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) for Oakwood Christian Academy.

How the Scholarship Fund Grows

The State of Georgia will give a dollar for dollar tax credit for donations to the scholarship fund. Therefore, the more businesses and individuals donate, the more money there will be for scholarships. OCA recommends families with eligible students apply to donate financially to the scholarship fund during each calendar year. Then, parents should apply to receive scholarship funds.

Applying for the Scholarship

Parents need only apply to receive scholarship funds once per year. Students remain enrolled automatically for the entire school year (July – June).

Those participating in Pay It Forward (PIF) are required to pay their monthly tuition amount due each month until OCA receives PIF scholarship funds in April. The funds are evenly distributed to all qualified students enrolled in the PIF program.  At that time, the student’s tuition statement will reflect a credit for the scholarship amount received.